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Your health. Your story.


The safest way to store your health records

Totem keeps all of your data private, unless you choose to share. Totem is HIPAA compliant, so your info will always be safe and secure.

Your complete medical records: they belong to you but are also sharable

We leave you in complete control over your own data. We also know great healthcare is a team effort, so you can set precise permissions for who can see or add to your records.



Organize your health information in one secure place.


Share your lists with colleagues, friends and family.


Grant full or limited access to your data with precise permissions controls.


Print wallet ID cards, health summaries to bring to your doctor, or your full catalog.


Private By Default

Share your lists with colleagues, friends and family.

Team Based Care

Share what data you choose to whoever you want: doctors, caregivers, family or friends.

No Targeted Ads

We will never allow targeted advertising to compromise your health.

HIPAA Compliant

Your health data will be managed safely and effectively.



Make sure you've taken the right vaccinations when you need them.


What issues are currently bothersome, and which ones have you conquered.


Track allergies and how you manage them.


Track medications and how well they work for you.

Totemlogo color 200x150

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